Daniel Burrus’s Solutions to Impossible Problems 

In this solutions to impossible problems keynote, problem-solving expert Daniel Burrus argues that there is no such thing as an impossible problem. In order to turn the impossible into the possible people have to see the invisible solutions. Oftentimes people will get stuck and become obsessed with what they believe is the core of a problem. Burrus says «whatever your problem is, isn’t your problem.» In order to see the real problem it’s important to take the current issue and toss it aside, only then can new approaches and solutions be discovered.

In order to make the invisible visible people have to realize that they live in a really uncertain world. As Daniel Burrus says «strategy based on uncertainty has high risk.» In a world of mass uncertainty it’s necessary to ask «what am I certain about?» To see the visible you need to know what it is you’re certain about, hence why a diverse group of individuals working on a problem presents many certainties and unique ways of addressing the issue.